Quarterly Business Review (QBR) or an Executive Business Review, is really just a once-a-quarter meeting with your partner.  Don’t be scared as it really is just a meeting with your partner to discuss their business and how you can support them. To help you with presenting your QBR I have provided a Google Slide format QBR Presentation you can use.

Now how do you make this meeting not totally boring for your Partner? Keep it simple, direct and on the topics that will add value to your Partner.

Keep it strategic not tactical. 

  1. Don’t focus on tactical items like support issues, trainings, bugs. This is your chance to broaden your partnership and gain a deeper understanding of the Partner’s business, values goals, and future plans.
  2. Once you know this you can strategize as to how you can deliver more value on those factors to your Partner becoming a trusted advisor. This will continue to build trust, and deeper relationship with your Partner.

Which Partners should I conduct a QBR with?

QBRs are important and should have invitees from the executive levels of both companies thus they should be reserved for only the top value adding, revenue generating Partners. These are the Partners who need are critical to your business and 100% deserve the special attention from you and your executive team.

Not all Partners need a full QBR as many you can connect with outside of a formal QBR to review and plan future goals together.

What are the main goals of a QBR?

  • Tell a positive story of the partnership
  • Discuss the data
  • Focus on the future goals
  • Connect with your Partner
  • Highlight real results
  • Be brief and consistent

What is a typical Agenda for a QBR?

  1. Introductions (not all Executives may know each other)
  2. Highlight Partnership Success start with the good)
  3. Go over Partnership KPIs, Data or Scorecard
  4. Discuss the Partner’s goals and future plans
  5. Review possible revenue or sales pipeline opportunities together
  6. Plan improvements and ways to contribute to the Partner’s revenue, goals and future
  7. Questions and Answer Session
  8. Close with a coffee, drinks or dinner to end on a personal connection

How to I make the QBR Successful?

Focus on the successes and use data to show how to make improvements. This keep the discussion on a positive note and allow all to speak freely and unbiased. Most importantly do not get defensive with your partner. The goal of the QBR is to foster a deeper relationship and reap the reward of a more profitable partnership.

If you would like a Google Slide Template for running your QBR, you can access one here.

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