Rebecca Kersey is the founder of Payment Buff. A site made to share knowledge and explore the new world of payments.

Rebecca offers Fintech, Payments and E-commerce Platform companies consultancy in all aspects of payments and partnering including channel, alliance, reseller and referral deals.

Mrs. Kersey has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the international University of Glasgow, Scotland. Rebecca started her more than 20 years of e-commerce, payment and partnership experience, in Europe and is now currently focused on the North American market. For several years, she has been providing companies help in identification, evaluation, negotiation and strategy for partnering with and developing payment solutions. She has an extensive partner deal sheet ranging from large payment companies to unicorn technology firms.

Rebecca created the free Payment Buff site to further share her knowledge in payments and partnerships with those interested in partnering with the world of Fintech.

Rebecca is available for consultancy, public speaking or potential employment. You may contact Rebecca via: