2021 Strategic Roadmap Planning Template

Are you struggling to build or update your 2021 Strategic Roadmap?

This template should help you pull all the key areas and your thoughts into one place and also produce a successful executive overview.

This planning template https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Uip0G2MdZ3dsfK0pYOKOCSfGOoONfCiR/view?usp=sharing

The Executive Presentation can be accessed here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iz9X_dsFpwhoZ026B9Ne211wXTrRA8T4/view?usp=sharing

Strategic Roadmap Planning Overview

There are really just a few points that should be highlighted in all strategic roadmaps regardless of the area or topic being discussed.

Defining the Vision

This sections should include the following:

  • Past – What was achieved or is still to be achieved in 2020?
  • Present -Are we on track for the last quarter of 2020 goals?
  • Future – What is the vision? What do we want to achieve or change in 2021?
  • Mission – Who are we, how will we collaborate together to reach our 2021 Vision, what will be unique?
  • Values – What are the core values and how does it link to the Vision for 2021


What are the goals of your strategy? Expand on your goals by including:

  • Challenges – What could get in the way of achieving our 2021 Vision?
  • Long-term Goals – What will we do to achieve our long term 2021 Vision?
  • Quarterly Actions – What must we do each quarter to reach the long-term goals?
  • Measurements – What will be the method we will measure our success, what are the KPI?


Strategy should include the execution points and needs for you to achieve your strategic roadmap goals:

  • Resources -Assess the infrastructure, people, partnerships, contractual elements needed to reach 2021 Vision
  • Financial -Determine the financial needs to reach the Vision, ROI, revenue opportunities
  • Implementation – Plan the execution with set timelines
  • Communication – How will communications and approvals flow?
  • Assessment – How will the progress be assessed, overseen, monitor success, QBR?

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