What’s Next— Future eCommerce Trends and Predictions for 2021 – Woo Commerce Meetup Jan 25th @7pm CST

Hosted by Sandi Batik and 2 others

Zoom Meeting ID: 974 0655 7041
Passcode: 489580


The first WooCommerce Meetup of 2021 will look at the trends in eCommerce and discuss some actionable predictions for 2021 on Jan 25th at 7pm
It might seem a little risky to make eCommerce predictions – or any kind of predictions after surviving the past year. The 2020 pandemic forced both change and growth into the eCommerce ecosystem. However, within the chaos of 2020, some eCommerce trends emerged.

° eCommerce is slated for further growth.
° Online sales will reach $4.5 trillion in 2021.
° Online shopping now enjoys greater customer trust.
° Online shopping processes have significantly improved.

Toyin Akinmusuru will discuss some of these eCommerce trends, cautionary tales, and some predictions to help you keep your business healthy during the year ahead.
° Attracting and retaining new customers is a top priority in 2021
° As department stores fade, eCommerce marketplaces will grow more
° DIY storefronts on eCommerce platforms will make setting up online
stores accessible to more businesses
° Resilient supply chains will be an 2021 essential
° More businesses will open D2C sales channels
° Use social media marketing to maximize your ad budget
We will look forward to seeing you there: Meeting ID: 974 0655 7041
Passcode: 489580

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